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We Have A Passion For Higher Education

Since 2007, Optimal has been committed to Higher Education. Although we provide services to other industries, our primary focus has been Higher Ed institutions, providing a wide variety of IT consulting solutions for colleges and universities. But for us, this devotion goes far beyond the professional realm. Education of all types is a personal passion for us. Our story is centered around the transformative power of education.

"Nuno faced a pervasive pressure to find work as soon as possible instead of attending college."

From a young age, our founder, Nuno Couto, knew without a doubt that an education was very important to him. He loved learning and was passionate about school. However, as the first in his family to pursue a college education, he faced almost overwhelming obstacles. Although he had the opportunity to attend top universities, he gave in to these obstacles. Instead of pursuing a college education, he entered the workforce right after high school. For years, he worked menial jobs with very low pay, no benefits, and no future. Finally, in his early twenties, he decided to attend university -- no matter the consequences or the opinions of others. It was difficult, as he now had a family to support and a full time job to balance along with his education. Nevertheless, several years later, he graduated as the top student in his Information Systems degree program. Later, after working at Accenture and Boston Scientific, Nuno went on to complete his MBA with a concentration in High Tech.

"The company, he decided, must contribute in some way to his passion and commitment to Higher Education."

It was during his pursuit of an MBA that Nuno developed a strong interest in entrepreneurship. He decided to build a company focused on IT consulting services -- but with a twist. The company, he decided, must contribute in some way to his passion and commitment to Higher Education. That company became Optimal. Since then, Optimal has focused not only on providing Higher Ed a professional service, but also on aligning itself with the mission of Higher Education.

Social Entrepreneurship & Community Outreach

In addition to professional project management work, we are involved in a variety of volunteer and pro bono activities in support of the Higher Ed mission, including:

  • Funding the creation of a library in India for under-privileged children in remote areas.
  • Sponsoring a business planning competition at the University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth focused on developing a product or service that can contribute to the good of humanity.
  • Mentoring dozens of students and start-up companies at multiple universities including University of Massachusetts, Northeastern University, Boston College, Harvard, MIT, and Bridgewater State College.
  • Helping to develop an entrepreneurial ecosystem at UMASS and in the Southeastern Massachusetts area.
  • Organized and sponsored Startup Weekend events in southeastern Massachusetts and abroad to mentor entrepreneurs on how to create a successful startup.

"Their passion and innovative thinking contributes to a culture and results that are unparalleled."

Nuno does his best to provide job and internship opportunities to students, recent grads, and those with non-traditional backgrounds -- especially those with the highest work-ethic who come from lesser-known universities. Much of the back office work at Optimal is done by students and recent grads, including the design and implementation of this website.

The Mobile Lifestyle

Freedom, simplicity, and independence have always been especially important to Nuno. Recently, he decided to fully integrate these values into his life. He rented out his home, and decided to downsize to an extremely simple life in order to spend more time on what is most important: his children and family, his friends, and his passion for making a difference through giving back to Higher Education. In doing this, he has also become the ultra-mobile father, project manager, consultant, entrepreneur, and connector of people. See the picture above of Nuno standing in front of his new “home,” a small RV, that is also his “mobile command center.” Nuno also travels on weekends to a wide variety of places… anywhere he feels like. This lifestyle has reminded him that experiences are so much more important than material objects.

"This lifestyle has reminded him that experiences are so much more important than material objects."

Learn more about Nuno by following him on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest. You can find information on project management, leadership, and entrepreneurship on any of these channels. Whether you are a student, IT professional, or potential partner, don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you need any assistance.

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