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Optimal focuses on strategy and technology consulting and implementation services at universities, related institutions, and beyond. Our consultants are experts in many areas, including but not limited to strategy, project management, elearning, reporting and analytics, information security, CRM, as well as traditional and cloud software development and implementations.

A Variety of Services

We offer a buffet of ultra-customized, cost-effective services. From strategy consulting to full implementations, we can customize a solution to fit your specific needs. Learn how we can provide you higher quality options at more reasonable rates.

strategy consulting

We help colleges thrive through a “systems thinking” approach of providing strategy consulting solutions tailored specifically to the institution's needs. Our consultants can work with you to build a model and test solutions that will enhance your institution’s performance and viability.

it consulting

We have a variety of IT consultants from a range of disciplines. Whether you need strategy, change management, process, project management, business analysis, or technical consulting, we’re sure to have talented and driven consultants who meet your needs.

red hat and cloud migration

If you are looking for a partner to help guide you through the digital transformation process with a Red Hat JBoss/Wildfly migration or upgrade, through Java application development, or by migrating to the cloud, Optimal has you covered.

software development

Our team of architects and full-stack developers are specialized in Java, RESTful and WebSocket microservices, and modern front end Angular 8+/Vue.js/React. We are also experts in Oracle SQL and PL/SQL development, PostgreSQL, MicrosoftSQL, MySQL/MariaDB, PHP, Liferay, and Python.

Flexibility with Timing, Budget, and Location

We have a number of consultants available on a full-time basis, however, we know that full-time consultants aren’t always the right choice for an organization’s project or budget. That’s why we always strive to be flexible and accommodating. Below are a few of the ways that we can meet your specific needs.

part-time consultants

Not all positions need to be full-time. You may find that you need someone with a highly specific skill set to work on a project only part-time. We can always find the right consultants to fit your specific requirements.

advice on retainer

At times you just need a little impartial advice here and there, without the investment in a full-time consultant. We can put you in contact with the right person to answer your questions on an as-needed basis.

remote consultants

When you need the job done right but don’t require a person in the office, we can find the right consultant at a lower cost if they work remotely.

short-term contracts

Not every placement needs to be a 2 year contract. We recognize that many projects will require short-term work, and we are more than willing to collaborate with you to ensure the most flexible arrangement to fit your institution’s specific needs.

cost-flexible solutions

Whether you’d like to commit to an hourly contract or fixed-fee pricing, we offer a variety of options that allow you to meet your budget requirements. For example, in some cases, a junior consultant may be exactly what you need.

custom project solutions

If you don’t see one solution that works for you, we are more than happy to work to fit your needs and create a fair arrangement that works for you—whether that means modifying an existing service, combining services, or having a consultant work on a trial-basis.

A Wide Variety of Specializations

Our goal is to handle any project in the most effective way possible, and that means having a variety of specialists available. Here are just a few examples:

strategists and advisors

A successful project requires a sturdy foundation upon which everything else is built. We can provide talented Higher Ed administration and IT strategists with the experience to systematically improve your strategy, operations, and technology to provide the best value and experience for your stakeholders.

functional consultants

Not every project requires every type of consulting, but most require some form of requirements gathering and analysis. From business analysts to project managers, we are sure we have the right fit for any functional IT consultant position.

technical consultants

When a project requires technical consultants who exceed expectations, we have you covered. From server administrators to network engineers and developers, we have the right fit for your specific needs, no matter how niche those requirements may be.

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